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Think inside the box

Belfast Design Week 2020 | Pop-up Design Museum

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Think inside the box.


Learning SPACE

(Fountain Centre, College Street)


Environment LEARN

Too often we associate how we learn or work with the physical space in which it takes place. Not realising the potential that lies within the very walls that many of us have been confined to during lockdown. It's time to think inside the box and shape our environment to inspire our work, education and creativity.

Delighted to be part of Belfast Design Week’s pop-up museum alongside many other great designers. We had the chance to exhibit our piece exploring the theme of environment, specifically the role of design in education and learning, in the window of Learning SPACE, an educational advisory, toy, and resource organisation.

We wanted people to disconnect their ability to learn or work in a specific space and instead recognise the potential of any space to inspire them. COVID has confined many of us to the comfort of our homes and meant that we have all had to adapt to new ways of learning, for once we wanted people to think inside the box. Placing our statement between the two words of the shop was the perfect visual of what we wanted passers-by to do. Using a Memphis inspired design we were able to connect our typographic approach to the shop itself.

Many thanks to Susan at Learning SPACE , Christine & Karishma at BDW, and Maria at McGowans.

More about the venue:

Learning SPACE

Learning SPACE is an educational advisory, toy and resource organisation, empowering families, carers, therapists, early years professionals and organisations since 2007. Their aim is to empower and enable children so that, no matter what their needs are, they feel valued, resilient and happy. Offering a wide range of toys and resources that captivate, inspire and enable ALL children to feel on top of their world.

More about the event:

Belfast Design Week

Belfast Design Week is an annual design festival, held every November, celebrating local and international design in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Born out of the local design community in 2015, Belfast Design Week works to nurture a design festival inspired by the city we live and work in. Belfast Design Week isn't just about design, it is also about it’s diverse communities, cultures and individuals that make Belfast a gem of a creative city.

Read more about Belfast Design Week here.

Image Credit: Joe Laverty

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