The next chapter - Katherine

As Katherine's placement draws to a close our junior designer reflects on her time at Clever Ghost.

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Tell us about your role at Clever Ghost

As a Junior Designer, I worked on jobs big and small, developing concepts and ideas for branding projects. As well as providing Chewie with belly scratches.


How have you found your time at Clever Ghost?

Amazing! Having had a not-so-nice placement before, Clever Ghost made me feel so welcome and I realised how lucky I was to have this new opportunity. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the whole team and growing as a person and designer.


What are the benefits of being on a placement?

You get to learn things you aren’t taught in university and seeing how a design studio is run is extremely beneficial. My skills have also improved a lot which is a great benefit for going into my final year of university.

What are the best & worst things about your placement?

The best part has been getting on with Paul, Danni, Emma, and Caitlin, we can always have a laugh and chat about things. The worst part was trying to be more adult, learning to balance my home life with my new 9-5 work life but I’ve gotten somewhat used to it with only a few girl dinners in the evenings.

Any favourite projects?

Working on the Fedrigoni 366 submission. We worked as a team on this fun side project. 26th August 2024 Look out…


How have your skills developed?

My skills have developed so much, I’m able to create designs quicker and more confidently. Learning shortcuts across the Adobe suite has helped. My eye for good design has also improved.

Any advice for students thinking about doing a placement?

I would 100% recommend, it’s the perfect time to get yourself out there and not be afraid to make mistakes. Be sure to ask plenty of questions.

What does the next chapter hold in store?

Heading back to Ulster University to finish my degree and hopefully graduate next Summer *fingers crossed*

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