#MeetTheGhost - Katherine Black

​​Welcoming design student ​Katherine to the team on her placement​ from Ulster University. Find out what got this Clever Ghost into design...

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Why graphic design?

I only really discovered Graphic design at college and then decided to pursue it at university. But since I was young, I always had a love for art and design. My parents are both creative and always encouraged me. I love using colour and layout, making things look “pretty”.

What are you looking to achieve during your time here at Clever Ghost?

I want to learn the things university does not necessarily teach such as communicating with clients, working within a team as well as improving my confidence with the adobe software.

What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy coming up with the initial ideas for the project, researching and planning.

How do you stay creatively inspired?

By looking at the work of other creatives from design books, Instagram profiles and Pinterest. I also enjoy to do little creative tasks with friends like painting, drawing and crochet.

Who are your creative heroes?

Walter Gropius founder of Bauhaus and collage artist Jesse Treece. I also have a friend who has her own company Wiredrip which makes and sells handmade earrings and trinkets, she would be a creative I look up to.


What are your plans after university?

I would love to travel and maybe go back to university to further study marketing and design. But I am still not sure what Ill be doing.

What do you geek out to? 

I love playing RPG games such as Stardew Valley and Unpacking. I also love to charity shop for clothes and houseware bits.

Lastly, any pets?

Yes I have 3 year old Cavapoo called Izzy and a cat called Libby.

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