#MeetTheGhost - Josh Denny

Recent design graduate Josh joins the Clever Ghost team, take a moment to learn what inspires our newest Clever Ghost.

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How did you end up in design?

During my GCSE’s, I had the opportunity to use Photoshop for the first time, since then I knew that I wanted to continue learning more about design. I went on to study Graphic Design at Belfast Met to find out more about design and how the Adobe creative suite works. A few years after I began my studies at Ulster University and have recently graduated with a 1st Class Honours

What's your favourite part of the design process?

My favourite part of design is definitely the development stage from collecting research to sketching initial ideas in my notebook to bringing them to life on the screen

How do you stay creative/inspired?

I think social platforms including Instagram, Behance and Pinterest are great sources to find great design inspiration. When I feel a creative block on its way, I always make sure I design something fun for myself, whether that’s a poster design or an album cover - experimenting with images, type and colour always helps me stay inspired

Who are your creative heroes?

Barney Bubbles and Reid Miles - Both very well known for their album cover designs!

What’s your top tip/piece of advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in design?

Practice, practice and practice even more! Watching step by step tutorials helped me a lot in terms of learning new tips and tricks especially with Photoshop and Illustrator.

What do you geek out to?

I love getting my telescope out on clear nights to stargaze and get detailed images of the moon!

Lastly, any pets?

I have 1 dog - a mini Yorkshire called Lilo, she’s my best friend!

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