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#MeetTheGhost - Emma Rutherford

Welcoming design student Emma to the team, as part of her university placement. Find out what got this Clever Ghost into design...

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Why graphic design?

Art was my favourite subject all the way through school and I couldn't imagine myself doing a non-creative job. Saying that, I hadn't considered graphic design as a career until my foundation year in college. Since then I've really enjoyed the service aspect of graphic design and the idea that my work could fulfill a need and take on a life of its own.

What are you looking to achieve during your time here at Clever Ghost?

As much as I’m excited about being involved in live projects during this placement, most of all I want to develop a rounded view of how a design studio is set up and runs day to day. All the real world experience you can't learn at university. 

What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

The ideation phase for me is the best part, when you look back on your research and start to make connections between ideas, images and typography.

How do you stay creatively inspired?

Mostly by looking at work by other designers in books, magazines or instagram and keeping an eye open for anything interesting out and about. When I have the time I like to keep a bullet journal and I find that having a creative hobby that isn't work related really helpful to generating new ideas. 

Who are your creative heroes?

Tina Touli, who has an amazing talent for merging real world objects and digital work, and typographer Thomas Hout-Marchand.


What are your plans after university?

I don't have any concrete plans but will most likely stay on the branding and advertising path. I like the idea of starting a design collective with the option of working independently or collaboratively.

What do you geek out to? 

I really like thrifting, playing the guitar, reading, and raving about whichever episode of 99 Percent Invisible I’ve just listened to.

Lastly, any pets?

Yes, an adorable Labrador-Collie mix called Judy.

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