#MeetTheGhost - Caitlin McIlwrath

​​Welcoming design student ​Caitlin to the team on her placement​ from Belfast Met. Find out what got this Clever Ghost into design...

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Why graphic design?

I’ve always loved anything creative and it was my brother Fin who suggested I look into graphic design. After not knowing what I wanted to do for what seemed like forever, as soon as I started an HND in graphic design at Belfast Met I realised how perfect it was me. Having a creative job is the dream and I absolutely love the process of designing and using art to communicate visually, so graphic design is just right.  

What are you looking to achieve during your time here at Clever Ghost?

I’m looking forward to experiencing the design process from start to finish as part of a team, which is something that is difficult to do in a classroom setting, and also to see how a design studio functions from day to day. I also hope to improve my design thinking and skills in the adobe suite.

What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the brainstorming, research, and development of initial ideas as it’s great to explore all the different directions you can take something, as well as it getting you excited to get stuck into putting everything together. It’s also really rewarding to see it all come together at the end.

How do you stay creatively inspired?

I like to go to any creative events that are on about Belfast like Late Night Art as it’s a great way to see what everyone is up to and meet some really amazing people. I also use Instagram to follow graphic designers and artists, as well as picking up lots of creative hobbies.  

Who are your creative heroes?

I really love some of the designers known for their album cover designs like Jamie Reid and Storm Thorgerson, as well as other designers like Paula Scher and George Lois. I also love some local artists like Alana Mcdowell, Hannah Constance, Danni Simpson, Ana Fish and Friz it’s amazing see how many of them use their work to brighten up the streets of Belfast and the impact it has.

What are your plans after university?

I’d love to get started with a design agency and do something along the lines of branding and advertising.

What do you geek out to?

I definitely geek out to all things arty and crafty, I love anything to do with nature and hiking and I have far too much enthusiasm for octopuses.

Lastly, any pets?

Yes! I have two beautiful wee rats called Jelly and Beans.

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