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Here are our top recommendations for books that focus on creative inspiration

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School of Life: How to Think More Effectively 
This book delves into various methods and perspectives that enable us to harness our creativity and make the most of our ideas. Think of it like an operating manual for the creative brain. The book is concise, easy to read and extremely thought provoking – definitely worth a read to get you thinking differently about your creative approach and where you draw inspiration from.
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How to Think More Effectively

The Creative Act: A Way of Being, by Rick Rubin
This book will have you looking and relooking at your creative thought process in a million different ways. Rubin gleans from his own experience as a music producer to help the reader connect with their creative path. He invites us to push our own boundaries and rewrite the rules on how to be creative, and in doing so instils a fresh perspective and a kick of inspiration. A must read for anyone creative that leaves you raring to jump headfirst into your next project.
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The Creative Act

Now Try Something Weirder, by Michael Johnson
Now Try Something Weirder is an easy, digestible read that draws on over 30 years of experience and boasts 233 tips on how to have great ideas and survive in the creative business. Perfect for anyone looking for creative inspiration and a plethora of advice from an experienced professional, with a touch of wit.
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Now Try Something Weirder

We’re always on the lookout for creative inspiration through books, so keep an eye out for more #CleverReads in the future. Happy reading! 

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